About Our Company

At “Wikzen International” we are very delightful to have a business venture with “Kellen & Grayson Group (USA-HQ).As K & G Group has versatile experience into computer selling business. We are very pleased to work under such a great market leader.

Wikzen International is a full Service computer consulting business. We consult with every type of computer needs that our client presents to us. With Clients ranging from a personal user to small business, to larger businesses, we have found ourselves able to meet everyone’s needs with quality service and reasonable and extremely competitive rates
Wikzen International began as a concept for a computer consulting company from last couple of years. In the start of the year we have some individuals clients but we can say proudly that Wikzen International have more than 1000 individual & corporative clients. To provide services to small organizations now we are proudly says that we have big corporate clients. We have a proven track record of servicing clients. Thousands of satisfied and loyal customers trust us to deliver best-in-class technology and services that provide cost savings, improve business practices, and ensure a safe reliable, and secure IT environment.
Our Commitment to our customers extends to our manufacturer authorized service department with pre- and post-sales technical support. Our major manufacturer service authorizations include HP / Compaq, Dell, Toshiba, Fujitsu, Aspire, Sony & more. Count on our team of highly qualified manufacturer certified technicians, systems engineers, network engineers, and systems consultants to fulfill your IT requirements.

Wikzen International stands on seven Pillars

  1. To ensure customer needs are understood and met
  2. To promote long-term relationships with our customers
  3. To promote learning environment in the organization
  4. To improve effectiveness of QMS
  5. To improve employees satisfaction
  6. To improve employees performance
  7. To Provide State-of-the-Art Technology

Corporate Commitment
Wikzen International is committed to client’s satisfaction and quality to preserving and protecting the environment and to promoting social progress. We provide dependable high quality, cost effective solutions using state of the art technology that consistently meet the needs and expectations.

Products & Services
Wikzen International offers a wide range of computer consulting services. Wikzen International is a leader in provision of first class solutions and technical support to organizations. Wikzen International has a wealth of experience in IT Field in house specialist resources which allow Wikzen International to offer the best solutions to organizations. Wikzen International offers the best solutions to organizations no matter how large or small. We are focused to build long term and credible relations with our clients to complement our product portfolio, a comprehensive range of services are offered, some of our most popular services are listed here. If your needs are not listed, please contact us, and we will be more than happy to help you out, or at least steer you in the right direction.

Our Services

I.T Consultancy

Wikzen International provides a full range IT related services either you want to build new structure or renovate the old one.
We also offer exhaustive services for Computer Repairing and Networking

Corporate Vendor Services

We can help you purchase a computer, accessories and any other related items, if you don’t know what you need. We can help you to decide. We can find out what your needs are, what price range you’re interested in, and we will give you the best options meeting your specifications. Our driving forces to help select and purchase the items are very sky-scraping and we can often find discounted prices on the items themselves. We can also help you to set up your new systems and explain how to use them. Let us help you buy your next computer, accessory, or software item.

Network Solutions

Wikzen International offers complete range of Network solutions you want to build new structure or renovate your old one. We have a wide variety of networking items like Switches, Routers, LAN, and Wireless etc.
Wikzen International hopes that if you deal with us in any aspect we committed to provide our 100% satisfactory services to your end. Searching for a single point of contact for the complete breadth of hardware, networking, and consulting resources.

Our Core Competencies

The core competencies of Wikzen International are those capabilities that are critical to the business achieving competitive advantage. Over a period of time we have developed key areas of expertise, which are distinctive to our company and critical to our growth. We constantly keep upgrading our skills. Wikzen International works towards refining learning curve thereafter effectively applying it. We dynamically encourage modernization and have been achieving high level of performances at all times.
Our core competencies include:

Skills in Customer Relationship Management

At Wikzen International Customer Relationship Management is part of the management consulting group. Here we aim to reinvent marketing and customer management for high-performance businesses. Consultants, specialized in this area, focus on strategy and take responsibility for organizational change and business transformation.
We are involved in a range of activities from assessing businesses and processes to performing value analysis, further to identify opportunities for improvement. Our client’s vision helps us to create a superior experience for their customers. It helps us to enhance the value of their relationships with them by combining knowledge and expertise with the latest tools and technologies.

Upgrade skills through learning and experience

“Wikzen International”’s vision is to create an advanced software technology development that leverages synergy among industry. We believe in ongoing training that can be as informal as finding someone to help in learning a skill.
Wikzen International at all times encourages in upgrading the skills of its employees. This makes space for exploring the market more widely and making a mark for the company globally.

Encourage Modernization in IT solutions

In Wikzen International modernization workbench is a powerful platform that increases the business value of organizations’ existing applications. The industry-leading technology enables the complete development lifecycle. It permits our users to understand, manage, modernize, and maintain their core applications